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NTPTGH Laws of the Game 2018-19

Field Surface

The field of play must be a wholly natural or, if competition rules permit, a wholly artificial playing surface except where competition rules permit an integrated combination of artificial and natural materials (hybrid system).

Where artificial surfaces are used in competition matches between teams of national footballers or beginners, the surface must meet the requirements of the NTPGH Tournament Quality Programme for Football Turf or the International Match Standard, unless special dispensation is given by GFA.

Field Markings

The field of play must be rectangular and marked with continuous lines which must not be dangerous; artificial playing surface material may be used for the field markings on natural fields if it is not dangerous. These lines belong to the areas of which they are boundaries.

  • Only the lines indicated in Law 1 are to be marked on the field of play.
  • The two longer boundary lines are touchlines. The two shorter lines are goal-lines.
  • The field of play is divided into two halves by a halfway line, which joins the midpoint of the two touchlines.
  • The centre mark is at the midpoint of the halfway line. A circle with a radius of 9.15m (10yds) is marked around it.
  • Marks may be made off the field of play 9.15m (10yds) from the corner arc at right angles to the goal lines and the touchlines.
  • All lines must be of the same width, which must not be more than 12cm (5ins). The goal lines must be of the same width as the goalposts and the crossbar.
  • Where artificial surfaces are used, other lines are permitted provided they are a different colour and clearly distinguishable from the football lines.
  • A player who makes unauthorised marks on the field of play must be cautioned for unsporting behaviour.
  • If the referee notices this being doe during the match, the player is cautioned when the ball next goes out of play.


The touchline must be longer than the goal-line.

Length (touchline):
minimum 90m (100yds)
maximum 120m (130yds)

Length (goal-line):
minimum 45m (50yds)
maximum 90m (100yds)


Dimensions for international matches

Length (touchline):
minimum 100m (100yds)
maximum 110m (120yds)

Length (goal-line):
minimum 64m (70yds)
maximum 75m (80yds)

Competitions may determine the length of the goal-line and touchline within the above dimensions.

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